January 2, 2017

Earn Free Bitcoins with Freebitco.in + Bot

Earn free satoshis every hour with the king of the faucets, Freebitco.in, one of the most legit and reliable faucets ever, paying from more than 3 years. 

You just have to register first with your email, then set up your Bitcoin address and start to ''Roll'' every hour to get a ''Lucky Number'' in order to earn an amount of free satoshis to your main balance.

This is what you can get in every Roll:

If you want to earn some more in every Roll, I suggest to activate the following ''Bonus'' features listed in ''Rewards'' tab:

If you have enough Reward Points (RP) you can activate each bonus for 24 hours (50%, 100%, 500%, 1000%) to earn more satoshis in every Roll. You can activate this one to multiply your RP too:

Remember: each Bonus is valid only for 24 hours, so try to get your best in every hour!

There are 3 ways to claim your earned satoshis to your main Bitcoin address as it follows:

  • Automatic: You have to reach a minimun threshold of 30.000 satoshis in your balance to receive your coins on automatic without fees every Sunday.

  • Manual: You have to reach a minimum threshold of 31.000 satoshis to claim manually with a fee of 930 satoshis and it takes 6-24 hours to receive your coins.

  • Instant: You'll be paid in about 15 minutes to your main address but it usually takes a high fee depending of your available balance in your account.

If you'd like to earn Bitcoins on automatic with this great faucet, you can download a script or bot for iMacros (Mozilla) and set it up in order to earn in semi-automatic or fully automatic (as long as you have enough captcha credits) even without investing in captcha packs with 9kw.eu service.